The birth of a yogi – the why

In 2008 I took my first yoga class.

In the following 10 years I have been to several yoga teachers, studios and styles and that took me to where I am now. I have discovered that rigorous styles caused pain and injury. That yoga is not safe for everyone, and that an individual practice with modifications is very important to be able to continue our personal practice. That our life experiences force us to adapt our practice, to be gentle when needed and have compassion with our body and mind. That is where I am now. That is what is most important. To be in the moment. Not being what we want, or should, or were able to once. But what is.

And now, January 2017, here I am. Post-burnout, after emergency surgery and just re-entering the world from a continuous survival mode. I had to let go of so many old patterns and reflexes and I am searching for answers. Like everyone is really. Life sometimes lets us know that we need to change and learn.
For me that was connecting to my body, my emotions and my Soul. I was able to do that through yoga, meditation and ritual. That is my medicine, and I’d like to share my medicine because lots of people need it too.

This is the place where I will speak about living from the heart. How to listen to my body and my emotions and let them lead the way into the direction my Soul already knows because each of us has a purpose, a destiny. When I move in alignment with my Soul there will be effortless flow. When I swim against the current, tension will arise. The expedition I’m on is a beautiful trip and this is my traveling journal.


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