Spring Equinox!

After weeks, months of purging and shedding layers of old cluttered emotional bagage and dusty stories about ourselves and our lives it is now time to let your new Self emerge. The lunar and solar eclipses enabled us all in seeing old patterns, to unearth what was hidden in order for us to release it. Layer by layer we were able to pull the blinds and see ourselves for what we truly are. No we didn’t find the ugly core of truth we were expecting. The ones who really dug deep found a gem. A brilliant shining crystal radiating the love and light of our true Self.

And today a new year starts. It’s the Spring Equinox (in the Northern Hemisphere). Use this day for cleaning your house, your sacred space and wipe away the last cobwebs of lingering lies.

We can start anew. Don’t look back. Mother Nature never looks back. She just grows new flowers on top of the rubble. Let your roots grow deep into the Earth, stabilise and balance yourself in the energy of equal day and night. Let the seeds sprout and grow towards the light of the Sun, the powerful rays will energise your plans and kickstart them. Be clear and focused in your intentions for the coming year, spring (plans), summer (growth), autumn (harvest), winter (rest). What do you want to bring to fruition? Put your passion into it and you will be amazed what comes your way.



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