Scorpio Full Moon coming – play!

You probably all know the feeling of being overworked, trying too hard and having ‘no time’ to relax or unwind. To me it’s also familiar, although lately working hard was primarily related to doing the right things to recover, which meant a strict daily schedule of 3 meals a day, go to bed early and get up with the sun and watching my energy levels, taking a nap when my body told me to, to prevent it from collapsing again. The Aries and Taurus energies did also contribute to the feeling of having to go forward, striving, moving on and plowing though heavy soil, and the 5 planets in retrograde made everything feel sluggish, backwards and difficult… Like walking through the mud all the time.

Now that Mercury and Venus are direct again the energy changed immediately. I can feel it for myself as well, all feels a bit lighter and more easy, the flow is coming back.

Over the last 2 weeks when the kids were on spring break, we did a lot of outdoor walking, cycling and nature hikes. That made me aware of the lightness and ease of life as well, in nature everything just happens without effort or struggle or striving. It’s important to connect to that energy more often.


Yesterday night I drew a card for the coming week. It was the Otter, from The Wild Unknown Spirit Animal oracle deck. The otter represents playfulness, joy and ease, it seems to be just enjoying itself while hunting, swimming or cuddling in the water. A perfect match to the potentially heavy emotional energy of the Scorpio full moon that is coming this week. If we feel drowning or overwhelmed by emotions try to think about the otter and how it’s having fun in the water, try to feel some of their effortlessness and lightheartedness instead of going down under the surface without being able to breathe. Just turn and swim, dive and have fun exploring all your emotions and looking at them from different angles.

Let’s not forget to play!


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