Jungle gyms and re-defining success

For me, as an MD ‘in the process of redefining my identity’ as I now call it, this is an article that resonates a lot. It’s exactly how I feel.
Following a linear career in a very stressful environment primarily dictated by others isn’t sustainable. We have to follow our talents and do what we love to be of greater service.

Recognise. Prevent. Recover.

On qualifying as a GP, I followed a traditional route from trainee to salaried and locum doctor, to  partner,  trainer, and appraiser. A path that many doctors of my generation have taken.

Underneath, I  suspected that the anxiety which appeared in my 30’s, as the invincibility  of my 20’s faded, would limit my time in clinical practice. I planned to retire early around 55 years. Over the last few years as pressures for doctors have mountedand my circumstances at home and work changed, this retirement age got lower and lower. It somehow made me feel less trapped.

Having had to stop, I have had to re-consider what is important in my life and re-visit my values, goals and aspirations. As a result, like many others, I am carving out a kind of portfolio career.

Or perhaps, to be more current, a “slasher” career. Not to be…

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