The nurturing Mother within

When I’m in my center, my innermost core,
Completely relaxed, needing no more,
I connect with the Mother who gave birth to it all,
As in the silence I hear her call
– Kaypacha Lescher
With the Sun and Moon in Cancer, the sign of the nurturing Mother (and the signs of communication, thoughts and perceptions – Mercury – and action, determination – Mars – as well), there can be experiences coming up from your own childhood. Neptune is also in a watery sign (Pisces) and asks us to go deep down into our emotions. Painful memories as seen from a child’s perspective could emerge from the depths. You may remember experiences connected to loneliness, emotional betrayal or neglect, not being cared for, not receiving the nurturing you needed so desperately as a child.
I was just watching Kaypacha’s video for this week and it made me think about my own experiences and how I try to navigate them.
Sometimes we know why we didn’t receive it and we understand. But usually we don’t, it’s simply not possible for a child to comprehend the struggles of adults, because children live from their Soul and are much more connected to the Source energy and most adults live their lives completely conditioned and conventional. It’s often hard to put it into words because of the timing of the experiences. A very young child isn’t verbal and therefore as an adult you have difficulties vocalising the memories. Sometimes it is just a strong emotion presenting itself and not so easy to understand with our rational, logical minds.
When you act out towards people who are in your adult life (Mercury and Mars will tempt you to!) when reliving your inner child’s perspective you will relive your childhood in the present moment and the pattern will never be broken. Instead of acting on it, acknowledge that it’s there and let go. You are able to choose to nurture and care for yourself now. You are able to decide to see someone to get the help you need or to vocalise your needs to your partner, friends, family, co-workers. When you are able to sit with whatever you are feeling, you can make a choice in what to do with it.
Remember that the Mother is always with and within you. When you are completely silent, you can hear your Soul’s calling, it will tell you what you really need and you will be able to make choices that truly nurture you.

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